A crawl space sump pump is one of the most important components in a crawl space waterproofing system. It’s also an essential component in a basement waterproofing system. The sump pump is typically installed in the sump pit that serves as the collection point for an interior drainage system. A float valve determines when the sump pump operates. When the water level in the sump pit reaches a certain height, the float valve turns on the sump pump motor, and all the accumulated water is pumped to the exterior.

A sump pump can remain idle for days or weeks. But when wet weather arrives, the waterproofing system needs to do its work. The French drains installed along the crawl space perimeter walls capture water before it can reach the crawl space floor. This helps to reduce the water pressure that bears against the foundation. As water flows through the drainage system, the sump pit fills up and the sump pump expels the water to the exterior.


How to choose the best crawl space sump pump

Crawl space repair contractors have a selection of high-quality sump pumps that are included in the waterproofing systems they install. Alternately, you can buy a sump pump from certain building supply outlets or online sources, and try to install it yourself. Most homeowners elect to have the crawl space waterproofing contractor select and install the sump pump. This makes sense for several reasons. First of all, you can be sure that the sump pump will be correctly sized for your waterproofing system. You can also be confident that it will be installed correctly. But perhaps the best justification for professional sump pump installation is that you’ll get a warranty the covers sump pump performance. It’s nice to know that if anything goes wrong with a BDry-warranty pump, the unit will be replaced at no cost.


Best sump pump characteristics:

  • High capacity –up to 85 gallons per minute (5,100 gallons per hour) to handle even the most extreme waterproofing challenges.
  • Powerful motor (3/4HP recommended.)
  • Cast iron & stainless steel construction of critical parts for improved durability.
  • Ability to pump small solids (up to ½” dia.) without clogging.
  • Thermal overload protection to prevent burnout. 

Do I need a sump pump with battery backup?

Do you live in an area where power outages occur? If so, you may want to install a sump pump system with battery backup. The same stormy weather that brings soaking rain to your region can also take down power lines. When this happens, your sump pump will not operate, putting your foundation waterproofing system in jeopardy. The special deep-cycle battery used in BDry’s sump pump battery backup system is engineered to keep a full charge when not in use, so it’s always ready to supply emergency power.

The bottom line with any sump pump is easy to understand: It pays to have a premium-quality sump pump with a no-nonsense warranty. This gives you the confidence that your crawl space waterproofing system will always function as it should.